• The external LED driver is also manufactured in a protection grade up to IP68, only dependent on the type of connectors used.
    This allows the customer to install all components of a system outdoors, without the need of expensive and complex protection housings.
  • Readout and logfile of the operating data and actual status of the luminaire for control & surveillance.
    The following data are recorded:
    - operating hours per channel
    - total power-on time of the luminaire
    - total number of turn-ons of the luminaire
    - temperature above the given threshold, with duration and value
  • The afore mentioned protocol of each luminaire`s operational data makes servicing and troubleshooting very easy.
  • Simple DMX addressing of the luminaires via RDM and standard DMX bus for easy installation and commissioning.
  • The very simple way to adjust both the output power of each single channel in 0.1W steps and to adapt each dimmercurve individually guarantees a long operation time of a complete system.
    Also future extensions and servicing is eased by this adaptions, which is a very important feature because of the fast-step developments in LED technology and LED brightness & efficiencies.
  • Our products are completely designed and manufactured in Austria, therefor allowing us to react quickly to special demands and to be able to offer short delivery times.
    Also the high fluctuation of the exchange rates especially versus the US Dollar can be avoided and enables you to calculate accurately even in longer running tenders.